ISBN services

ISBN helps customers identify and order the exact book they want to purchase. Libraries, bookstores, online retailers, distributors, and wholesalers depend on this unique identifier to track purchases and sales, and it will be necessary to apply for an ISBN if you intend to sell to them.

An ISBN identifies a book’s edition, publisher, and physical properties like trim size, page count, and binding type. An ISBN allows retailers, libraries, and distributors to efficiently search for books. At kingdom Press, we attribution an ISBN provided by the state of Cameroon to each version of your book to help it stand out in the market place. Our ISBNs are provided by the state in accordance to international laws and you have nothing to worry about when you publish with us. We safe you the stress of getting an authentic ISBN and generating an appropriate barcode for your books.

Each individual book, specific book edition, and any other book-like product must have an ISBN number in order to be printed and distributed in retail bookstores, libraries, and wholesale companies.

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