General Editorial services

General Editorial services

General Editorial services

Getting your book out there is a way to sell yourself to the world, and you will certainly want to give the world the most refined version of you. Your book needs to be the best before getting to your audience. It is clear that there is no such thing as a perfect writer, even the best writers can make mistakes or overlook errors because they are familiar with their work. With our team of experts, we provide a keen look into your book. Our team is skilled enough to look within the lines and pickup errors that you may not be able to see as an author. Putting in a little money to get our team to go through your book is an investment that will help your book compete in the market and present a level of quality that your readers are sure to appreciate.

You can trust our team of professionals who are among the best to deliver appropriate level of editorial transformation that your book needs without taking or altering your voice or message. We just simply polish what you have to say so the audience can better enjoy it.

Essential Editorial

Typos and grammar errors are two things that greatly reduces the professionalism of a book. Kingdom Press Essential Editorial Services provides a careful review of the basics of your book, including punctuation, capitalization, grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. We give you a clean, professionally-edited manuscript. You receive a book refined and ready for readers and publication.

Premium Editorial

At this level, our professional team goes beyond editing punctuation, capitalization, grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. We go deeper into your content and storyline in order to ensure that it is easy to understand. Advanced stylistic considerations are also made at this stage including looking at the plot, pace and taking into consideration the intended audience. Here we simply focus on giving your book, more clarity and increasing its possible impact on the audience.

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