Book Evaluation

Book evaluation

Pre-acceptance evaluation

Here our team goes through the content of your work to determine if it meets our publishing standards and respects our policies. This stage is obligatory to every project that comes to kingdom press. It is only when a project has gone through this stage and is approved that it can be registered into our project bank and publishing done.

Content Evaluation

Creating high quality content Is paramount for success and for success, but ensuring that the content is right for the intended audience is even more important. Content evaluation is a very critical service done by our team. At KP, we evaluate your content in order to:

  1. Ensure that it meets our publishing standards and respects our policies
  2. Ensure that the content (including pictures) is appropriate for the author’s intended audience.
  3. Pull out possible copyright infringement issues
  4. Our content evaluation team also offer editorial assessment services.

At KP, our team offers one of the best quality content evaluation services you can find. We dive deep into the manuscript to determine purpose, audience, and other aspects mentioned above. We are professional, effective and efficient. We also provide exceptionally cost-effective services. Our content evaluation services are divided into two, we have the pre-acceptance evaluation and the editorial assessments.

Editorial assessments.

Our editorial assessment team, dive deeper into your work here and determine the different level of work that can be done to make your work a premium product. It is here that we propose the type of editing that is best for that particular work.


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